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Download full pdf book The Ruination of Essie Sparks (Wild Western Rogues Series, Book 2) by Barbara Ankrum available in full 250 pages, and make sure to check out other latest books Fiction related to The Ruination of Essie Sparks (Wild Western Rogues Series, Book 2) below.

The Ruination of Essie Sparks (Wild Western Rogues Series, Book 2)

By Barbara Ankrum
  • ISBN Code: : 1614178410
  • Publisher : ePublishing Works!
  • Pages : 250
  • Category : Fiction
  • Reads : 251
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  • Pdf : the-ruination-of-essie-sparks.pdf

Book Excerpt :

A Getaway and Abduction Becomes Respect and Passion in the Historical Western Romance, The Ruination of Essie Sparks, by Barbara Ankrum 1888, Montana Territory After protesting abuses at the Montana Indian Boarding School, Essie is dismissed from her teaching job there. But before she can depart, she's kidnapped by Cade Newcastle--the half-breed uncle of her missing student. Shot during the escape and now dogged by a hanging posse, Cade's desperate search becomes a race against time, and Essie--instead of abandoning him--saves his life. Trading favor for favor, Cade and Essie continue searching for Cade's nephew. The lines between captor and captive blur into mutual respect, then flare into passion. But the hanging posse will never allow the half-breed to be the ruination of Essie Sparks. WILD WESTERN ROGUES, in series order The Lady Takes A Gunslinger The Ruination of Essie Sparks REVIEWS: “I really loved this book!” Kat Martin, NYT Bestselling Author “A vividly written and colorful adventure, The Lady Takes a Gunslinger is everything a romance should be—funny tender and charming.” Jill Barnett, NYT Bestselling Author

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