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The Madonna Files

By Stephen Ryan
  • ISBN Code: : 161160611X
  • Publisher : Simon and Schuster
  • Pages : 267
  • Category : Fiction
  • Reads : 981
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  • Pdf : the-madonna-files.pdf

Book Excerpt :

A Powerful book of adventure and faith" - FRANK SCHAEFFER - New York Times best selling author of fiction and nonfiction. With unexpected turns and a full dose of scholarly intrigue along the way, The Madonna Files is a contemporary religious thriller that explores the hidden secrets of Catholic Church. Five years in the making, The Madonna Files is "The most prophetic book of our times" The Madonna Files has been compared to Da Vinci Code, the historical fiction by Malachi Martin, The Shack, even G.K. Chesterson's Father Brown mysteries. Stephen Ryan's explosive debut novel challenges the prevailing orthodoxies of American history and Christianity, and reveals the dynamic presence of the Virgin Mary throughout the ages. On the quiet campus of M.I.T., a math professor is asked by the Vatican to determine the probability that six children are telling the truth. The children, from a small town in Bosnia, a town filled with sacred drama, say they see the Virgin Mary.

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American Christians, veteran reporter John Donnelly has discovered, are an ever-increasing source of aid in Africa, with some experts estimating that U.S. churches supply more resources to Africa than USAID. In A Twist of Faith, he tells the unlikely story of how faith and determination compelled one such American Christian to travel to Africa and open a school for children orphaned by the AIDS epidemic. David Nixon, a carpenter from North Carolina who had lived through his share of trouble, knew nothing about the small, land-locked African country of Malawi. But after having a religious awakening and hearing about a preacher's efforts to aid its impoverished and beleaguered citizens, he raises money from his church and sets off to do what so many well-intentioned Americans of faith do in Africa: build an orphanage. But as his plans are beset with difficulties, Nixon slowly comes to realize that helping others requires listening to and learning from them. And that means changing his preconceived ideas of what the Malawians need and how he can best serve them. A Twist of Faith is the story of one man who, despite personal struggles, a profound cultural gap, the corruption of local officials, and the heartbreak of losing an orphan he comes to love, saves himself by saving others in a place nothing like home. Nixon's story is representative of a growing trend: the thousands of American Christians who are impassioned donors of time, money, and personal energy, devoted to helping African children.

Biological Reaction Engineering

By Elmar Heinzle,Irving J. Dunn,John Ingham,Jiří E. Přenosil
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This practical book presents the modeling of dynamic biological engineering processes in a readily comprehensible manner, using the unique combination of simplified fundamental theory and direct hands-on computer simulation. The mathematics is kept to a minimum, and yet the 60 examples illustrate almost every aspect of biological engineering science, with each one described in detail, including the model equations. The programs are written in the modern user-friendly simulation language Berkeley Madonna, which can be run on both Windows PC and Power-Macintosh computers. Madonna solves models comprising many ordinary differential equations using very simple programming, including arrays. It is so powerful that the model parameters may be defined as "sliders", which allow the effect of their change on the model behavior to be seen almost immediately. Data may be included for curve fitting, and sensitivity or multiple runs may be performed. The results can be viewed simultaneously on multiple-graph windows or by using overlays. The examples can be varied to fit any real situation, and the suggested exercises provide practical guidance. The extensive teaching experience of the authors is reflected in this well-balanced presentation, which is suitable for the teacher, student, biochemist or the engineer.

Boricua Pop

By Frances Negrón-Muntaner
  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : NYU Press
  • Book Code : 0814758789
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Book Short Summary:

Boricua Pop is the first book solely devoted to Puerto Rican visibility, cultural impact, and identity formation in the U.S. and at home. Frances Negrón-Muntaner explores everything from the beloved American musical West Side Story to the phenomenon of singer/actress/ fashion designer Jennifer Lopez, from the faux historical chronicle Seva to the creation of Puerto Rican Barbie, from novelist Rosario Ferré to performer Holly Woodlawn, and from painter provocateur Andy Warhol to the seemingly overnight success story of Ricky Martin. Negrón-Muntaner traces some of the many possible itineraries of exchange between American and Puerto Rican cultures, including the commodification of Puerto Rican cultural practices such as voguing, graffiti, and the Latinization of pop music. Drawing from literature, film, painting, and popular culture, and including both the normative and the odd, the canonized authors and the misfits, the island and its diaspora, Boricua Pop is a fascinating blend of low life and high culture: a highly original, challenging, and lucid new work by one of our most talented cultural critics.


By J. Randy Taraborrelli
  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Simon and Schuster
  • Book Code : 0743228804
  • Total of Pages : 416
  • Category : Biography & Autobiography
  • Members : 368
  • Pdf File: madonna.pdf

Book Short Summary:

Madonna! Megastar. Lover. Mother. Opportunist. Chameleon. Role model. She's all of these things...and more. Yet, who is she, really? In Madonna: An Intimate Biography, author J. Randy Taraborrelli's scrupulously researched and completely balanced unauthorized biography of one of the world's most celebrated entertainers, the reader is allowed to draw his or her own conclusions. Indeed, the portrait bestselling author Taraborrelli paints here is of a truly complex woman, one who is driven and determined to succeed at any cost, yet who displays remarkable vulnerability when it comes to matters of the heart. It is significant that Madonna: An Intimate Biography is the first such book written about the star in over a decade, because in the past ten years the ever-changing Madonna has gone through her biggest transformation yet -- from tempestuous sex goddess to happily married mother. Amazingly, as she launches her first worldwide tour in eight years, she is now -- at forty-something -- enjoying one of the most successful periods of her groundbreaking career. Whereas other books about Madonna have been based on previously published material, Madonna: An Intimate Biography is the result of ten years of exclusive interviews with people who are speaking publicly about her for the first time, including close friends, business associates and even family members. Since Taraborrelli interviewed the star herself early in her career, he is now able to draw from such firsthand experiences to place her success story in perspective and provide new, stunning insights. The true Madonna, as presented here, is not merely a sensation-seeking tabloid vixen, but a flesh-and-blood woman with human foibles and weaknesses -- as well as great strengths and ambitions. For the first time, the reader learns about the complex nature of her difficult relationship with her father, and how the two finally found one another after years of estrangement; how Warren Beatty broke her heart, and why the two never wed; how she and John Kennedy, Jr., became romantically involved, his mother's reaction to the prospect of Madonna as a daughter-in-law and why it could never have worked out; the truth of her relationships with the fathers of her two children and how, as a loving and attentive mother, she has evolved into a surprisingly different woman...and what the future holds for her. Madonna: An Intimate Biography is a truly explosive and definitive account of the life of an entertainer who is undoubtedly one of the most popular, trendsetting figures of our time. Full of amazing disclosures about her private life and public career, New York Times bestselling author J. Randy Taraborrelli's latest work reveals Madonna in a new -- and surprisingly inspiring -- way. Not only a feast for fans, this book is great entertainment for anyone who enjoys a remarkable story, stirringly told.

The Madonna of Excelsior

By Zakes Mda
  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Farrar, Straus and Giroux
  • Book Code : 0374708231
  • Total of Pages : 272
  • Category : Fiction
  • Members : 776
  • Pdf File: the-madonna-of-excelsior.pdf

Book Short Summary:

A new novel by a towering presence in contemporary South African literature In 1971, nineteen citizens of Excelsior in South Africa's white-ruled Free State were charged with breaking apartheid's Immorality Act, which forbade sex between blacks and whites. Taking this case as raw material for his alchemic imagination, Zakes Mda tells the story of a family at the heart of the scandal -and of a country in which apartheid concealed interracial liaisons of every kind. Niki, the fallen madonna, transgresses boundaries for the sake of love; her choices have repercussions in the lives of her black son and mixed-race daughter, who come of age in post-apartheid South Africa, where freedom prompts them to reexamine their country's troubled history at first hand. By turns earthy, witty, and tragic, The Madonna of Excelsior is a brilliant depiction of life in South Africa and of the dramatic changes between the 1970s and the present.

The Madonna of the Almonds

By Marina Fiorato
  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Hodder & Stoughton
  • Book Code : 1848547978
  • Total of Pages : 400
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Book Short Summary:

The second unforgettable historical love story set in Italy from Marina Fiorato, author of the bestseller THE GLASSBLOWER OF MURANO. For fans of Philippa Gregory, Sarah Dunant and Alison Weir. Bernardino Luini, favoured apprentice of Leonardo da Vinci, is commissioned to paint a religious fresco in the hills of Lombardy. His eye is caught by the beautiful Simonetta di Saronno, a young noblewoman who has lost her husband to battle, and whose fortune is gone. Captivated by her beauty and sadness, Bernardino paints Simonetta's likeness, immortalizing her as the Madonna in his miraculous frescoes in Saronno's church. As the sittings progress, artist and model fall in love, and Simonetta reciprocates Luini's genius by creating a drinnk for her lover from the juice of almonds - the famous Amaretto di Saronno. As the frescoes and the liqueur near their completion, the couple's affair distils into a heady brew of religious scandal which threatens their love, and ultimately their lives. Who is the mysterious Jew with a golden hand? And how does a mute young soldier affect Simonetta's destiny?

Essays on Paula Rego: Smile When You Think about Hell

By Maria Manuel Lisboa
  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Open Book Publishers
  • Book Code : 1783747595
  • Total of Pages : 510
  • Category : Art
  • Members : 670
  • Pdf File: essays-on-paula-rego.pdf

Book Short Summary:

In these powerful and stylishly written essays, Maria Manuel Lisboa dissects the work of Paula Rego, the Portuguese-born artist considered one of the greatest artists of modern times. Focusing primarily on Rego’s work since the 1980s, Lisboa explores the complex relationships between violence and nurturing, power and impotence, politics and the family that run through Rego’s art. Taking a historicist approach to the evolution of the artist’s work, Lisboa embeds the works within Rego’s personal history as well as Portugal’s (and indeed other nations’) stories, and reveals the interrelationship between political significance and the raw emotion that lies at the heart of Rego’s uncompromising iconographic style. Fundamental to Lisboa’s analysis is an understanding that apparent opposites – male and female, sacred and profane, aggression and submissiveness – often co-exist in Rego’s work in a way that is both disturbing and destabilising. This collection of essays brings together both unpublished and previously published work to make a significant contribution to scholarship about Paula Rego. It will also be of interest to scholars and students of contemporary painting, Portuguese and British feminist art, and the political and ideological aspects of the visual arts.

"A" is for Alibi

By Sue Grafton
  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Holt Paperbacks
  • Book Code : 1429901349
  • Total of Pages : 288
  • Category : Fiction
  • Members : 410
  • Pdf File: a-is-for-alibi.pdf

Book Short Summary:

READ THE SENSATIONAL BLOCKBUSTER THAT STARTED IT ALL! Take it from the top in #1 New York Times bestselling author Sue Grafton's knockout thriller that introduced detective Kinsey Millhone—and a hot new attitude—to crime fiction... A IS FOR AVENGER A tough-talking former cop, private investigator Kinsey Millhone has set up a modest detective agency in a quiet corner of Santa Teresa, California. A twice-divorced loner with few personal possessions and fewer personal attachments, she's got a soft spot for underdogs and lost causes. A IS FOR ACCUSED That's why she draws desperate clients like Nikki Fife. Eight years ago, she was convicted of killing her philandering husband. Now she's out on parole and needs Kinsey's help to find the real killer. But after all this time, clearing Nikki's bad name won't be easy. A IS FOR ALIBI If there's one thing that makes Kinsey Millhone feel alive, it's playing on the edge. When her investigation turns up a second corpse, more suspects, and a new reason to kill, Kinsey discovers that the edge is closer—and sharper—than she imagined. "A" Is for Alibi "B" Is for Burglar "C" Is for Corpse "D" Is for Deadbeat "E" Is for Evidence "F" Is for Fugitive "G" Is for Gumshoe "H" Is for Homicide "I" Is for Innocent "J" Is for Judgment "K" Is for Killer "L" is for Lawless "M" Is for Malice "N" Is for Noose "O" Is for Outlaw "P" Is for Peril "Q" Is for Quarry "R" Is for Ricochet "S" Is for Silence "T" Is for Trespass "U" Is for Undertow "V" Is for Vengeance "W" Is for Wasted "X"

Neighbors and Missionaries

By Margaret M. McGuinness
  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Fordham Univ Press
  • Book Code : 0823266222
  • Total of Pages : 242
  • Category : Religion
  • Members : 450
  • Pdf File: neighbors-and-missionaries.pdf

Book Short Summary:

The Sisters of Our Lady of Christian Doctrine community was founded in 1910 by marion gurney, who adopted the religious name Mother Marianne of Jesus. A graduate of Wellesley College and a convert to Catholicism, Gurney had served as head resident at St. Rose’s Settlement, the first Catholic settlement house in New York City. She founded the Sisters of Christian Doctrine when other communities of women religious appeared uninterested in a ministry of settlement work combined with religious education programs for children attending public schools. The community established two settlement houses in New York City—Madonna House on the Lower East Side in 1910, followed by Ave Maria House in the Bronx in 1930. Alongside their classes in religious education and preparing children and adults to receive the sacraments, the Sisters distributed food and clothing, operated a bread line, and helped their neighbors in emergencies. In 1940 Mother Marianne and the Sisters began their first major mission outside New York when they adapted the model of the urban Catholic social settlement to rural South Carolina. They also served at a number of parishes, including several in South Carolina and Florida, where they ministered to both black and white Catholics. In Neighbors and Missionaries, Margaret M. McGuinness, who was given full access to the archives of the Sisters of Christian Doctrine, traces in fascinating detail the history of the congregation, from the inspiring story of its founder and the community’s mission to provide material and spiritual support to their Catholic neighbors, to the changes and challenges of the latter half of the twentieth century. By 1960, settlement houses had been replaced by other forms of social welfare, and the lives and work of American women religious were undergoing a dramatic change. McGuinness explores how the Sisters of Christian Doctrine were affected and how they adapted their own lives and work to reflect the transformations taking place in the Church and society. Neighbors and Missionaries examines a distinctive community of women religious whose primary focus was neither teaching nor nursing/hospital administration. The choice of the Sisters of Christian Doctrine to live among the poor and to serve where other communities were either unwilling or unable demonstrates that women religious in the United States served in many different capacities as they contributed to the life and work of the American Catholic Church.

Living in God's Providence: History of the Congregation of Divine Providence of San Antonio, Texas, 1943-2000

By Mary Christine Morkovsky, CDP
  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Xlibris Corporation
  • Book Code : 1462812449
  • Total of Pages : 439
  • Category : Education
  • Members : 531
  • Pdf File: living-in-god-s-providence.pdf

Book Short Summary:

In 1943 the bell attached to a rope on both floors of a plain box-like convent in Houston, Texas, rang at 5 a.m. The nine Sisters of Divine Providence stationed at the grade school arose, reciting aloud the traditional prayer that began “Live, Jesus, in my heart! My God, I give you my heart. Mercifully deign to receive it and grant that no creature shall possess it but Thou alone.” Continuing to pray aloud for five more minutes, the Sisters who shared small bedrooms began to dress. All had developed in their novitiate a rhythm for this process, which launched each day in a uniform way. Over 20 items of dress had to be donned in a certain order. Before Morning Prayer at 5:25 in the small chapel on the first floor, the Sisters also stripped their single beds, flipped the thin mattresses, and replaced the bed linens, trying not to invade a companion’s limited space. Usually it was still dark outside when they started to recite morning prayers unique to the Congregation. This was followed by chanting in Latin on one tone Matins, Lauds, Prime, Tierce, Sext, and None from the Little Office of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Then the superior read aloud some points for reflection, and the Sisters meditated in silence for half an hour. This was the first time of the day they had some relatively unstructured time, and they sometimes experienced “distractions.” Perhaps they planned how to teach something better or recalled problematic students. At 6:30 one of the parish priests offered Mass, which was followed by breakfast. The Sisters ate in silence while one of them read passages from the Imitation of Christ. By 8 a.m. they were leading their pupils across the playground to the children’s daily Mass in the parish church. In sharp contrast, in 1990 Sister Mary Walter Gutowski, CDP, one of two Sisters living in a small apartment, was the administrator of Our Lady of Guadalupe clinic for low income Latinos and African Americans in Rosenberg, Texas. Sister Walter, who was credited with having delivered more than 3,000 babies under difficult rural circumstances, once remarked, “When someone knocks at my door in the middle of the night, I get dressed in two minutes flat because I never know what will be waiting for me outside.”1 What explains this dramatic change of style and ritual in the routines of Catholic Sisters living in mission houses? How did the Sisters move from cloisters to apartments? How did the rigid routines of the nine Sisters of 1943 transmute into the singular and unstructured life of Sister Mary Walter? What are the connections between the bell that rang at five in the morning and the one that sounded at any hour? This history examines the period of 1943 to 2000, an era during which the Sisters of Divine Providence redefined their perspective and practices within the context of a changing American Catholic church. It demonstrates that the Sisters were well situated to embrace the shifting demands of religious mission because their very heritage was grounded in ongoing transformations. Those transformations were played out on a highly charged stage of oppression concerning multi-racial relationships, one that further prepared the Sisters for the intense dynamics of modern church life. When the Sisters celebrated in 1966 the centennial of their arrival in Texas, they were staffing their own college, high schools, and numerous grammar schools in several states as well as hospitals, clinics, and neighborhood centers. They had incorporated a group of women from Mexico and encouraged the independence of a new Providence congregation in the U.S. Responding to Vatican encouragement, after the second Vatican Council they began experiments to update structures and customs so as minister more effectively. The most visible were in the areas of community living and governance and were accompanied by greater collegiality, subsidiarity, variety in prayer

While the Duke Was Sleeping

By Sophie Jordan
  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : HarperCollins
  • Book Code : 0062222554
  • Total of Pages : 384
  • Category : Fiction
  • Members : 338
  • Pdf File: while-the-duke-was-sleeping.pdf

Book Short Summary:

Sometimes the man of your dreams . . . Shop girl Poppy Fairchurch knows it’s pointless fantasizing about the Duke of Autenberry. Still, dreams can’t hurt anyone . . . unlike the carriage Poppy spies bearing down upon the unsuspecting duke. After she pulls him to safety, the duke lapses into a coma and Poppy is mistaken for his fiancée. But one person isn’t fooled: his arrogant and much too handsome half-brother, Struan Mackenzie. Soon Poppy isn’t sure what she wants more . . . the fantasy of her duke or the reality of one smoldering Scot who challenges her at every turn. . . . is not who you think. An illegitimate second son, Struan may have built an empire and established himself as one of the wealthiest men in Britain, but he knows he will always be an outsider among the ton. Just like he knows the infuriating Poppy is a liar. There’s no way the haughty Duke of Autenberry would deign to wed a working class girl. It doesn’t matter how charming she is. Or tempting. Or how much Struan wants her for himself.


By Donald A. Guglielmi
  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Wipf and Stock Publishers
  • Book Code : 1498289401
  • Total of Pages : 176
  • Category : Religion
  • Members : 238
  • Pdf File: staritsa.pdf

Book Short Summary:

The present book is the first work to highlight Catherine Doherty's vocation to spiritual motherhood. Drawing upon primary archival sources, the author traces Catherine's development as a staritsa, or spiritual mother in the Russian-Eastern tradition. Of particular interest are the chapters dealing with Catherine's exercise of spiritual motherhood for priests and laity alike. Previously unpublished letters of spiritual direction between Catherine and her major spiritual directors offer the reader a privileged glimpse into the soul of this servant of God and her spiritual children, as she grows in her vocation as staritsa. For example, in one striking letter, Catherine describes how she guided a disillusioned young priest who was struggling with a drinking problem and temptations involving young women, and was bordering on despair: "With clenched teeth I sailed into him, first gently, almost caressingly calling him back to Christ he once loved, then more sternly, then quietly. . . . He left full of thanks and some hope . . . ."

Madonna of Divine Love by Raffaello

By Carla Nicole De Petris
  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Dorrance Publishing
  • Book Code : 1646101774
  • Total of Pages : 170
  • Category : Art
  • Members : 375
  • Pdf File: madonna-of-divine-love.pdf

Book Short Summary:

Madonna of Divine Love by Raffaello By: Carla Nicole De Petris April 6, 2020 marks 500 years since the death of Raffaello Sanzio da Urbino. When he died at only 37 years old, he left the most beautiful paintings, particularly many of Madonna and Child. One particular painting lost since 1544 when it was described by Vasari as a 1514 painting on canvas by Raffaello, for Leonello Pio da Carpi, but since then it was never seen again. The CapodiMonte Museum in Naples describes the 1518 painting on wood as the “Madonna of Divine Love” by Raffaello, but since the eighteenth century many art historians believe that the painting on wood is by GianFrancesco Penni, Raffaello’s pupil, so where is the original painting by Raffaello? This painting was not mentioned for almost five-hundred years. Where was it? Elma believed she had an original Raffaello painting, and she wanted to know whether the story told by her aunt Anna was correct. Carla Nicole De Petris fell in love with this painting, and the story fascinated her. This story follows the history of the painting and the story of the research.

The Stand

By Stephen King
  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Anchor
  • Book Code : 038552885X
  • Total of Pages : 1200
  • Category : Fiction
  • Members : 208
  • Pdf File: the-stand.pdf

Book Short Summary:

The tie-in edition of the nine-part CBS All Access series starring Whoopi Goldberg, Alexander Skarsgard, and James Marsden. When a man escapes from a biological testing facility, he sets in motion a deadly domino effect, spreading a mutated strain of the flu that will wipe out 99 percent of humanity within a few weeks. The survivors who remain are scared, bewildered, and in need of a leader. Two emerge--Mother Abagail, the benevolent 108-year-old woman who urges them to build a peaceful community in Boulder, Colorado; and Randall Flagg, the nefarious "Dark Man," who delights in chaos and violence. As the dark man and the peaceful woman gather power, the survivors will have to choose between them--and ultimately decide the fate of all humanity.

Ned Kelly and the City of Bees

By Thomas Keneally
  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Open Road Media
  • Book Code : 1504038681
  • Total of Pages : 126
  • Category : Young Adult Fiction
  • Members : 758
  • Pdf File: ned-kelly-and-the-city-of-bees.pdf

Book Short Summary:

Ned Kelly would never have imagined shrinking his size in order to escape the dreary hospital bed where he’s recovering from appendicitis. But, that’s exactly what Apis, his new friend (who happens to be a bee), helps him do with the aid of a special gold liquid. At apian size, Ned flies off with Apis and Nancy Clancy (who speaks only in rhyme) to try life in the hive. Although he questions some of their practices, like disposing of old drones who can’t work anymore, Ned soon makes friends with the bees, including Romeo, a drone lovesick for the Queen, Basil, a drone-rights activist, and even the haughty Queen herself.


  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : N.a
  • Book Code : N.a
  • Total of Pages :
  • Category :
  • Members : 319
  • Pdf File: ulysses.pdf

Book Short Summary:

Read and download full book Ulysses

The Templar Revelation

By Lynn Picknett,Clive Prince
  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Simon and Schuster
  • Book Code : 0743273257
  • Total of Pages : 432
  • Category : Religion
  • Members : 536
  • Pdf File: the-templar-revelation.pdf

Book Short Summary:

THE MOST CLOSELY GUARDED SECRET OF THE WESTERN WORLD IS ABOUT TO BE REVEALED -- AND YOU WILL NEVER SEE CHRISTIANITY IN THE SAME LIGHT AGAIN. In a remarkable achievement of historical detective work that is destined to become a classic, authors Lynn Picknett and Clive Prince delve into the mysterious world of the Freemasons, the Cathars, the Knights Templar, and the occult to discover the truth behind an underground religion with roots in the first century that survives even today. Chronicling their fascinating quest for truth through time and space, the authors reveal an astonishing new view of the real motives and character of the founder of Christianity, as well as the actual historical -- and revelatory -- roles of John the Baptist and Mary Magdalene. Painstakingly researched and thoroughly documented, The Templar Revelation presents a secret history, preserved through the centuries but encoded in works of art and even in the great Gothic cathedrals of Europe, whose final chapter could shatter the foundation of the Christian Church.

The Brothers Karamazov

By Fyodor Mikhailovich Dostoyevsky
  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Phoemixx Classics Ebooks
  • Book Code : 3985516723
  • Total of Pages : 577
  • Category : Fiction
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Book Short Summary:

The Brothers Karamazov - Fyodor Mikhailovich Dostoyevsky - The Brothers Karamazov is the final novel by the Russian author Fyodor Dostoevsky, and is generally considered the culmination of his life's work. Dostoevsky spent nearly two years writing The Brothers Karamazov, which was published as a serial in The Russian Messenger and completed in November 1880. Dostoevsky intended it to be the first part in an epic story titled The Life of a Great Sinner, but he died less than four months after its publication. The book portrays a parricide in which each of the murdered man's sons share a varying degree of complicity. On a deeper level, it is a spiritual drama of moral struggles concerning faith, doubt, reason, free will and modern Russia. Dostoevsky composed much of the novel in Staraya Russa, which is also the main setting of the novel.

The War of Art

By Steven Pressfield
  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Black Irish Entertainment LLC
  • Book Code : 1936891042
  • Total of Pages : 192
  • Category : Self-Help
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Book Short Summary:

What keeps so many of us from doing what we long to do? Why is there a naysayer within? How can we avoid the roadblocks of any creative endeavor—be it starting up a dream business venture, writing a novel, or painting a masterpiece? The War of Art identifies the enemy that every one of us must face, outlines a battle plan to conquer this internal foe, then pinpoints just how to achieve the greatest success. The War of Art emphasizes the resolve needed to recognize and overcome the obstacles of ambition and then effectively shows how to reach the highest level of creative discipline. Think of it as tough love . . . for yourself.

The Best of Tomes of the Dead, Volume 2

By Simon Bestwick,Gary McMahon,Jasper Bark
  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Abaddon Books
  • Book Code : 1849975507
  • Total of Pages : 768
  • Category : Fiction
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  • Pdf File: the-best-of-tomes-of-the-dead-volume-2.pdf

Book Short Summary:

BEWARE THE MARCH OF THE UNDEAD! The masters of flesh-munchingly, gut-wrenchingly, eyeball-poppingly great zombie fiction bring you three more of the best stand-alone books from their critically-acclaimed Tomes of the Dead line. TIDE OF SOULS: When flash-floods devastate Britain and an army of the undead rise from the waves, three broken people – escaped sex-slave Katja, burned-out soldier McTarn, and crippled biologist Styles – may hold the key to survival for the scattered few remaining. HUNGRY HEARTS: Rookie policeman Rick Nutman must fight through the bloody chaos of Leeds to get to his wife Sally. Daryl has always dreamed of being a serial killer, and Sally will be his first victim. Now Rick flees into the countryside with his undead wife, as Daryl seeks to be the only serial killer in history to kill the same woman twice. Can love overcome death? WAY OF THE BAREFOOT ZOMBIE: What do you want? Wealth? Power? Influence? The Way of the Barefoot Zombie can get it for you! On the private island of St. Ignatius, Caribbean business guru Doc Papa guides your steps as you learn to harness the hunger and soulless drive of the noble zombie, even walking among the creatures themselves. What can go wrong?

The Other Catholics

By Julie Byrne
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  • Publisher : Columbia University Press
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Book Short Summary:

“An excellent study of churches on the fringe that incubate new ideas and shed new light on mainstream religion.”—Times Higher Education Independent Catholics are not formally connected to the pope in Rome. They practice apostolic succession, seven sacraments, and devotion to the saints. But without a pope, they can change quickly and experiment freely—with some affirming communion for the divorced, women’s ordination, clerical marriage, and same-sex marriage. From their early modern origins in the Netherlands to their contemporary proliferation in the United States, these “other Catholics” represent an unusually liberal, mobile, and creative version of America’s largest religion. In The Other Catholics, Julie Byrne shares the remarkable history and current activity of independent Catholics, who number at least two hundred communities and a million members across the United States. She focuses in particular on the Church of Antioch, one of the first Catholic groups to ordain women in modern times. Through archival documents and interviews, Byrne tells the story of the unforgettable leaders and surprising influence of these understudied churches, which, when included in Catholic history, change the narrative arc and total shape of modern Catholicism. As Pope Francis fights to soften Roman doctrines with a pastoral touch and his fellow Roman bishops push back with equal passion, independent Catholics continue to leap ahead of Roman reform, keeping key Catholic traditions but adding a progressive difference. “Byrne’s enlightening research and analysis will undoubtedly raise awareness of these little-known Catholic denominations.”

From the Mixed-Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler

By E.L. Konigsburg
  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Simon and Schuster
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Book Short Summary:

Now available in a deluxe keepsake edition! A Time Best YA Book of All Time (2021) Run away to the Metropolitan Museum of Art with E. L. Konigsburg’s beloved classic and Newbery Medal­–winning novel From the Mixed-Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler. When Claudia decided to run away, she planned very carefully. She would be gone just long enough to teach her parents a lesson in Claudia appreciation. And she would go in comfort-she would live at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. She saved her money, and she invited her brother Jamie to go, mostly because be was a miser and would have money. Claudia was a good organizer and Jamie bad some ideas, too; so the two took up residence at the museum right on schedule. But once the fun of settling in was over, Claudia had two unexpected problems: She felt just the same, and she wanted to feel different; and she found a statue at the Museum so beautiful she could not go home until she bad discovered its maker, a question that baffled the experts, too. The former owner of the statue was Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler. Without her—well, without her, Claudia might never have found a way to go home.

The Book of Hallowe'en

By Ruth Edna Kelley
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Book Short Summary:

This book is intended to give the reader an account of the origin and history of Hallowe'en, how it absorbed some customs belonging to other days in the year,—such as May Day, Midsummer, and Christmas. The context is illustrated by selections from ancient and modern poetry and prose, related to Hallowe'en ideas. Those who wish suggestions for readings, recitations, plays, and parties, will find the lists in the appendix useful, in addition to the books on entertainments and games to be found in any public library. Special acknowledgment is made to Messrs. E. P. Dutton & Company for permission to use the poem entitled "Hallowe'en" from "The Spires of Oxford and Other Poems," by W. M. Letts; to Messrs. Longmans, Green & Company for the poem "Pomona," by William Morris; and to the Editors of The Independent for the use of five poems.

The Practice and Science of Drawing

By Harold Speed
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  • Publisher : Library of Alexandria
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Book Short Summary:

Read and download full book The Practice and Science of Drawing

The Decameron

By Giovanni Boccaccio
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  • Publisher : Phoemixx Classics Ebooks
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  • Total of Pages : 999
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Book Short Summary:

The Decameron - Giovanni Boccaccio - The year is 1348. The Black Death has begun to ravage Europe. Ten young Florentinesseven women and three menescape the plague-infested city and retreat to the countryside around Fiesole. At their leisure in this isolated and bucolic setting, they spend ten days telling each other storiestales of romance, tragedy, comedy, and farceone hundred in all. The result, called by one critic "the greatest short story collection of all time" (Leonard Barkan, Princeton University) is a rich and entertaining celebration of the medley of medieval life.Witty, earthy, and filled with bawdy irreverence, the one hundred stories of The Decameron offer more than simple escapism; they are also a life-affirming balm for trying times. The Decameron is a joyously comic book that has earned its place in world literature not just because it makes us laugh, but more importantly because it shows us how essential laughter is to the human condition.Published on the 700th anniversary of Boccaccios birth, Wayne A. Rebhorn's new translation of The Decameron introduces a generation of readers to this "rich late-medieval feast" in a "lively, contemporary, American-inflected English" (Stephen Greenblatt, Harvard University) even as it retains the distinctly medieval flavor of Boccaccio's rhetorically expressive prose.An extensive introduction provides useful details about Boccaccio's historical and cultural milieu, the themes and particularities of the text, and the lines of influence flowing into and out of this towering monument of world literature.

Brain-Eating Britain

By Gary McMahon,Simon Bestwick
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  • Publisher : Abaddon Books
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Book Short Summary:

In these grim days, Britain has become overrun with a new menace. Violent, unmoved by compassion, shuffling heedlessly from one victim to the next, flooding the estates and terrorising the streets. Yes, it's zombies... Abaddon Books presents three of their finest Tomes of the Dead books, offering up bone-crunching, blood-chilling stories of survival horror in contemporary Britain. In Hungry Hearts, Rik Nutman races to rescue his wife from being murdered... and then from being murdered again. In Tide of Souls, three very different people are thrown together by the rising flood - and the hordes of the dead - to uncover a deep secret about the world. And in The Words of Their Roaring, small-time thief Gabe learns just how far he will go to make a living when the zombie apocalypse destroys society.

Hungry Hearts

By Gary McMahon
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  • Publisher : Abaddon Books
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Book Short Summary:

IN A WORLD TORN APART BY HUNGER, THE ONLY THING COLDER THAN DEATH IS LOVE… Rick Nutman is a rookie policeman. When the city of Leeds erupts into blood-spattered chaos he must fight through hungry hordes of the living dead to return home and protect Sally, his new wife, the only woman he has ever loved. Daryl lives with his dying mother, and views the apocalypse as the perfect opportunity to put his long-held plans into action. Daryl has always wanted to be a serial killer. Tonight he will achieve that dream, and Sally will become his first victim. As the world runs down and the streets burn with the rage of the undead, Rick flees with his reanimated wife across a ravaged landscape, and Daryl chases them with his own agenda – to be the only serial killer in history to kill the same victim twice. Murder, obsession and desire collide in this dark tale of love and death… and the things that lie beyond.

The J. Paul Getty Museum Journal

By The J. Paul Getty Museum
  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Getty Publications
  • Book Code : 0892360054
  • Total of Pages : 124
  • Category : Art
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  • Pdf File: the-j-paul-getty-museum-journal.pdf

Book Short Summary:

The J. Paul Getty Museum Journal III is a compendium of articles and notes pertaining to the Museum’s permanent collection of paintings. This volume includes an introduction by Burton B. Fredericksen and an illustrated essay of recent acquisitions of paintings. Volume III includes essays on paintings written by Burton Fredericksen, Eric Young, Jean-Luc Bordeaux, with a principal article on Raphael’s Madonna di Loreto by Burton Fredericksen. This is also the first volume to be issued since the recent and much regretted passing of J. Paul Getty, the Museum’s founder. The principal article of this volume, the one on Raphael’s Madonna di Loreto, was one that he was especially concerned with and interested in. The Raphael was always a subject close to his heart. He was an eager student of Raphael and everything that touched on his favorite picture, and it is only appropriate that the article, which is a summary discussion of the picture’s provenance, be dedicated to him.

Fan Cultures

By Matthew Hills
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  • Publisher : Routledge
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  • Total of Pages : 256
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Book Short Summary:

Emphasising the contradictions of fandom, Matt Hills outlines how media fans have been conceptualised in cultural theory. Drawing on case studies of specific fan groups, from Elvis impersonators to X-Philes and Trekkers, Hills discusses a range of approaches to fandom, from the Frankfurt School to psychoanalytic readings, and asks whether the development of new media creates the possibility of new forms of fandom. Fan Cultures also explores the notion of "fan cults" or followings, considering how media fans perform the distinctions of 'cult' status.