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Love between an IAS officer and beauty queen

By Priya Singh
  • ISBN Code: : 9355097174
  • Publisher : BFC Publications
  • Pages : 114
  • Category : Poetry
  • Reads : 448
  • Book Compatibility : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Pdf : love-between-an-ias-officer-and-beauty-queen.pdf

Book Excerpt :

This book describes the beautiful love story between an IAS officer and a beauty queen. Beauty queen is heroine of the novel & Aakrit is real hero of the novel. He is sincere, determinant and an UPSC aspirant. He has all the qualities of an IAS officer. He met a fashion icon girl named Beauty queen in college. Aakrit never get-attracted towards that girl like every boy. Aakrit becomes a favourite of all professors in college. On the other hand, the beauty queen felt strange that the new boy is not giving her attention. Aakrit used to enter college’s gate with newspaper that’s why Beauty queen named him Mr. Current affair. Beauty queen did lots of efforts to gain Aakrit’s attention but she fails every time. Unknowingly she developed a likeness for Aakrit. Beauty queen always sits near Aakrit and always teases him as a book lover. They both have funny conversations. After two years Aakrit became an IAS officer. Seeing Aakrit as an IAS officer beauty queen feel very happy but few things happened which forced her to choose UPSC as her career. After some time, she took admission in famous Ojaank IAS academy and she get transformed to perfect human being and she cracked the UPSC exam. Read the complete story to know what happened that forced Beauty queen to become an IAS officer? Read the complete story to know whether she gets Aakrit her true love? Read the complete story to know whether Aakrit too loves Beauty queen silently? Read the complete story to know how Ojaank Academy turned a Beauty queen to an UPSC queen. Maybe it can turn you as well?

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"... groundbreaking... clear, straightforward, and economical.... seminal... " ―American Anthropologist "This is a challenging book... a remarkable contribution to African intellectual history." ―International Journal of African Historical Studies "Mudimbe’s description of the struggles over Africa’s self-invention are vivid and rewarding. From Blyden to Sartre, Temples to Senghor, Mudimbe provides a bold and versatile resume of Africa’s literary inventors." ―Village Voice Literary Supplement "... a landmark achievement in African studies." ―Journal of Religion in Africa In this unique and provocative book, Zairean philosopher and writer V. Y. Mudimbe addresses the multiple scholarly discourses that exist―African and non-African―concerning the meaning of Africa and being African.