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The After Dark Collection

By Lauren Blakely
  • ISBN Code: : 978186723xxxx
  • Publisher : Lauren Blakely After Dark
  • Pages : 550
  • Category : Fiction
  • Reads : 601
  • Book Compatibility : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Pdf : the-after-dark-collection.pdf

Book Excerpt :

A delicious collection of the enticing books The Engagement Gift, The Virgin Gift, and The Decadent Gift! The Engagement Gift... Some things are better left unsaid. Besides, I don't need to act on every wild thought that flits through my imagination, not when my fiancé and I have the kind of life I've aways longed for -- passionate, intimate and oh so real. I can’t risk losing him, so I focus on building our life together as a couple. But the more insistent my thoughts become, the closer I get to telling him what I want most... *** The Virgin Gift I might still carry my V-card, but I know exactly what I want in a man. Smart, charming and oh-so-skilled. Too bad I haven't found him yet. But maybe he's found me. Because when my charming, laid-back, next-door neighbor discovers a secret list I keep, he volunteers to work through every single item on it. Including the last one -- at the end, we walk away and stay friends. I say yes to his offer, and that's when I discover another side to him. A side I adore. A side I crave. He's commanding, intense, and everything I've ever wanted. But as we check things off one by one, I find myself breaking the most important rule of all. And I have no idea what it will do to my heart. *** The Decadent Gift The rules of the game were simple. One weekend. We play our roles. Actually, we play lots of roles. I get the info I need for a secret work project. We go back to how we were. That’s what I proposed to handsome, clever, commanding Jake. That’s what he said yes to — this decadent gift of a weekend that would get me out of trouble. But that’s not what happened when our nights together in Vegas ended . . .

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